The Digital Society Index 2018


The Digital Society Index 2018

How do we demonstrate the benefits of the digital economy to society and people? Dentsu Aegis Network has just launched: the Digital Society Index 2018

Against a backdrop of debate about some of the negative implications of the digital economy (e.g. the impact on jobs, use of personal data), this new analysis measures economies in terms of how well they are building a digital economy that works for all in society. It also measures for the first time levels of ‘digital engagement’ around the world, a metric that tracks positive sentiment towards different aspects of the digital economy. The report was developed in collaboration with Oxford Economics and is already generating significant interest from the media and key influencers.

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Some of the key findings include:

  • Achieving a sustainable transition to the digital economy relies on three key ingredients: dynamism, inclusion and trust. But economies perform very differently on these measures with UK, US and China leading our rankings.
  • The risk of a technology backlash grows as less than half of people globally believe the digital economy will be a positive force—and the most mature economies also show the lowest levels of positive engagement with the digital economy.
  • Jobs and skills are an acute concern, while employers are failing to make full use of their workforce’s digital skills.

The message for big business is that we need to do more to demonstrate how the digital economy benefits society and people within those societies, rather than just delivering economic or financial gains.

Brands and traditional marketing and communications channels also have a key role to play in driving engagement. Brands need to build trust through greater openness and use data to drive relevance and the positive emotional impact of content, products and services. The importance of putting purpose at the heart of the brand proposition comes through strongly—being clear about how you contribute to society can only help build trust as your business becomes more digital.

You can access the report here and there will be more to come through 2018, such as country-specific reports.


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