Salesforce Meetup Prague takeaways: How to tackle custom integration challenges


Salesforce Meetup Prague takeaways: How to tackle custom integration challenges

On Wednesday, June 13, 2019, over 2trailblazers joined our Salesforce Meetup in Prague, Czech Republic to further discuss our initial topic; “The Salesforce implementation of Zonky 

As a leading Czech fintech, Zonky uses Salesforce to manage their customer communication and company processes. Isobar was chosen as the implementation partner for Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.  

During the Meetup, Isobar discussed the implementation along with the common challenges, Josef Gorgan, Salesforce Solution Architect from Isobar presented customised solutions for customer service, and how they could be applied to various sectors.  

Zonky and Isobar developed a unique custom integration of the core system using the Salesforce platform built on technologies like AWS, Kafka or custom APEX REST API to care about Salesforce API limits and our own logic during API calls added Josef Gorgan 

And finally, Josef shared some top tips on how to collaborate with internal and external teams such as phased deployment that was a huge part of the successful implementation of Salesforce at Zonky. 

The Isobar Meetup is a great platform to generate new ideas, solutions, and better understand our customer needs, We use Salesforce to serve our customers faster and better, we are always looking for new ways and customised solutions stated Marek Gerhard, currently leading Salesforce integration and messaging architecture at Zonky.  

The Meetup was truly enriching, motivating and full of great exchanges,” says Martin Šebela, Digital Practice Manager, Isobar. “The more we knowledge-share with the community, the stronger the ecosystem becomes, he added.  
The next Meetup will focus on marketing automation and will take place in the Isobar Prague offices on September 11th. Follow our meetup group and get an alert for upcoming Prague events, here. 


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