Isobar launches Tech Academy in Guarda, Portugal


Isobar launches Tech Academy in Guarda, Portugal

We’re excited to announce our new academy in partnership with the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda (IPG). Our academy will serve as a Learning Hub for undergraduate and graduate students to learn, exchange, connect, and complete their mandatory internships required by their university.  

Isobar Salesforce experts will run sessions on cloud-computing using specific examples from the Salesforce platform to provide real-life scenarios. Our courses and classes will be held on campus, and our internships in our Portugal offices. Although our academy is open to the public, we expect most of our students to join from the university. 

Guarda is located inland Portugal and facing challenges in retaining qualified technical expertise as more people migrate to larger cities. The aim of the academy is to encourage students to stay within the area, provide jobs for future generation, and boost local productivity in the IT sector.  

Our academy currently has 7 cloud computing experts, and currently several candidates are being shortlisted to fill the 10 vacancies of the first stream. In the next two years, we hope to grow this number to over 30 students and integrate other cloud-based platform training into our programs.  Professors will work alongside the Institute to assure we follow accreditation regulations. Currently, we offer internships every semester and will be introducing electives in Computer Science, at both undergraduate and graduate level. 

“Our new Salesforce academy represents a twofold strategy: we will leverage on seasoned consultants to train a new generation of developers for Isobar Switzerland, and provide world class job opportunities, that are usually limited to larger metropolitan areas. The prospects of giving back to the community are immense are we are looking forward to making a significant impact” says António Alvim, Salesforce Platform Portugal Practice Manager at Isobar.  

In the past we have worked with several universities in Portugal, including the Polytechnic Institute of Leira and Setúbal, and the University of Coimbra. We believe this initiative will attract students to work with us on further projects. Isobar values higher level education and we are proud to contribute to the Polytechnic Institute and the community of Guarda. 

“I consider this partnership to be a strategic step for the Computer Science degrees of IPG. The speed, concrete actions and goals shows the willingness of both parties to make this partnership a continuous success. This collaboration will not only bring clear benefits to the two entities, but it will also increase the attractiveness of the Guarda region to young people, who are looking for highly qualified work opportunities” says Dr. José Fonseca, Computer Science Engineering Course Director, Polytechnic Institute of Guarda.


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