Isobar launches Salesforce non-profit and education offering


Isobar launches Salesforce non-profit and education offering


Isobar, a market-leading digital transformation and technology player, a global digital agency, has launched a Salesforce non-profit and education offering specialising in accelerating the social impact of organisations through technology.  

Isobar will partner with Salesforce.org, a social enterprise, to deliver a 360 view of their targeted groups whilst providing accessible and personalised solutions to non-profit and educational institutions with the support of a dedicated team of experienced cross-cloud experts.

To unlock the potential of organisations, Isobar’s teams have created a unique offering for non-profit to assist them with pain points in areas such as fundraising, donor and grant management, marketing activities and nurturing. Similarly, a student lifecycle framework has been developed to assist the recruitment teams with acquisitions and onboarding as well as online training and education.

“Our mission is to have a global impact on society through a human-centred and agile approach. With Salesforce non-profit and education cloud, we help institutions to better connect with their donors and participants, allowing them to effectively manage resources so that they can focus on what they do best: creating opportunities for all” highlights Laura Diaz, Isobar.

Isobar is a Salesforce Platinum Partner with a wealth of experience working with non-profit organisations and the education sector. A team of Salesforce experts located in Switzerland Portugal, Czech Republic and India will deliver solutions on all Salesforce clouds, core, marketing & commerce alongside other services such as UX, design, implementation and support. Our offshore and nearshore competency centres are built on clearly defined structure and roles to ensure optimal client satisfaction.

Founded in 2001, Isobar has been a major player in the digital economy in Switzerland and Europe over the last decade. The team delivers experience led transformation and provides a wide range of services for over 100 industry-leading clients in the Luxury, FMCG, retail, banking, pharmaceutical sectors, as well as for government and non-governmental organizations.

“Our Salesforce know-how combined with our experience working with non-profit & educational institutions allows us to create transformative solutions,” says Frédéric Demierre, Salesforce Division Manager, Isobar.  





























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