Deliver a seamless service integration to customers 


Deliver a seamless service integration to customers 

Every-day items are increasingly being transformed into Internet of Things (IoT) applications, so much so that connected machines or objects could take us into a fourth industrial revolution. By 2020, over 20.4 billion connected Things will be in use worldwide.

While businesses increasingly spend more,  57% of their expenditure goes towards the consumer segment, which is “the largest user of connected Things with 5.2 billion units in 2017, which represents 63 per cent of the overall number of applications in use, businesses are now on pace to build applications tailored to specific industry verticals”. (Source: Gartner)

Businesses are exploring IoT opportunities but are finding it challenging to find business value. Among other concerns, organisations have difficulty in choosing and combining the right platform among the variety of back-end services and technologies. In many cases, the IoT infrastructure is disconnected from business applications, being unable to contextualise IoT data. 

The strategic partnership between Amazon and Salesforce - can simplify and expand how customers capture, analyse, and take action on their data. Salesforce customers can connect their AWS IoT devices to Salesforce using the Salesforce IoT Cloud, who will then be able to access computing power, database storage, content delivery and many other functionalities. Combining AWS IoT and Salesforce IoT Cloud allows to enrich the messages coming from connected devices or sensors with customer data in Salesforce.

As such, data is available to all Salesforce Clouds, allowing businesses to trigger actions and create meaningful customer experiences based on customer knowledge and real-time events. For instance, managing fleets of connected devices on AWS means we would be able to send usage data to alert sales, service, and marketing teams who are using Salesforce in order to immediately resolve incidents and generate sales leads. This also means customers are able to securely share and synchronize data, as well as simplifying how data and events are shared across AWS and Salesforce services.

“Our collaboration with AWS and Salesforce allows us to securely store data and analytics, as well as quickly build solutions. This new technology will help us grow faster and efficiently as a company” says Frédéric Demierre, Salesforce Division Manager, Isobar Switzerland.

As a Salesforce Worldwide Platinum partner and Amazon Consulting partner, we’re assisting clients to drive their Internet of Things initiatives. For further information, please contact Frédéric Demierre.


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