How can businesses benefit from B2B initiatives?


How can businesses benefit from B2B initiatives?

Every company wants to be the trusted adviser of their  customers. Though, to reach such a level of trust, a long journey awaits you. 

The customer journey begins when a company, product, or service enters the customer’s life, that first interaction prompts them to consider a solution. If you provide an appropriate response to that need, the customer will want to purchase the product or service from you, engaging in the next steps of the journey. At that point, your customer trusts that you can deliver that product or service to him, better than any other company.

Strengthening your relationships 

With that said, let’s introduce the business to business dimension to our customer journey. A hidden part of your customer journey is the relationships you have with your ecosystem of partners and suppliers. These relationships are essential to your value chain and can create a basis for differentiation, open a wealth of new opportunities, new markets and new channels of revenue, as well as contribute to a better cost position. The delivery of the product or service to your customer will also depend on the health of these relationships and how they are implemented on a platform.

What is your approach to Supplier Relationship Management?

What is the underlying structure and architecture of your connections? Some additional questions may include; is your supply chain robust, flexible and agile enough to answer today’s expectations, yours and the ones of your suppliers? Do your suppliers feel like they are a true part of your business? And how do you manage to build trust and loyalty whilst offering a set of streamlined processes?

It’s important to consider these best practices to allow you to setup a successful Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platform:

Mobile Commerce is here to stay
Modern B2B e-commerce platform proposes a mobile experience for researching products, comparing prices and feature sets, contacting merchants and completing transactions.
Personalisation & “red carpet treatment” is king
Buyers expect catalogues, pricing and product selection to be curated for their purchases and organised according to their specific needs.
Customised and dynamic pricing
Sophisticated personalisation is key, considering such parameters as purchasing volume, frequency and long-term relationship value are vital. 
Transparency through traceability
Product digitalisation can make your value chain smarter. 
Having a valid lawful basis in order to process data
Regulation rules as GDPR in its requirements for all data to be processed under a lawful basis. Regulations such as GDPR protect EU citizens from privacy and data breach in today’s connected world
Multi-system integration is key
To deliver efficient and customised service, merchants need to integrate their e-commerce systems with other core platforms, from large back-end supply chain software to customer relationship management systems, marketing and service platforms. 

How to get started?

The digitalisation of your Supplier Relationship Management is a fundamental part of your value chain and can help you develop a competitive advantage in the years ahead. Some next steps should include assessing your digital strength, developing a B2B strategy, including vision, scope and roadmap and putting in place the right architecture to respond to your needs and the ones of your suppliers. 

Salesforce is the platform of choice in B2B Commerce business, offering buyers the seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality they demand. 

Our offering, built on Salesforce, is targeted at distributors and manufacturers who want to strategically think about their B2B Commerce business while reducing time-to-market. 

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