Hack Our Future – A Gamification MVP 


Hack Our Future – A Gamification MVP 

A week ago, a team of 15 trailblazers spent over 48 hours together for the epic “Hack our Future – Gamification Hackathon” in Portugal. The aim was to create a minimal viable product (MVP) to host various gamification activities such as onboarding, trainings or simply to increase employee engagement through game-like activities.  

The team set out on their quest by knowledge-sharing best practices and technology with fellow Quality Assurance (QA), Talent Acquisition Management & Human Resources (HR) teams to identify possible needs. This process allowed them to gain enough insights to choose an architecture able to exceed the expectations of gamification users.   

They created an MVP that allows users to offer and receive badges, check their position in the global ranking, challenges in the system, and receive points for completing actions, such as the first login of the day. Administrators can manage badges, super-badges, users, activities, challenges and steps. 

After several hours, the team refueled over a slice of cake to celebrate Paulo Reis’ 4th company anniversary.  

It goes without saying that the Salesforce Commerce team have outdone themselves and we’d like to congratulate them on their amazing team spirit, dedication and results-driven attitude.  

Thank you to Bruno Ferreira, Bruno Fuzeiro, Cristiano Rodrigues, Dóris Reis, Igor Moreira, João Vaz, Luís Neves, Manuel Fernandes, Marcelo Anjos, Miguel Pereira, Nuno Gomes, Paulo Reis, Pedro Loureiro, Ricardo Dias and Rui Faria. 

How is gamification used? 

Gamification is the use of individual game elements to motivate and engage respondents. The craft of joy, fun and addicting elements found in games and applying them to real-world activities drives behavior to reach desired outcomes. 


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