Defining Synergies between humans and robots


Defining Synergies between humans and robots

Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a crucial component of digital transformation initiatives. How can we leverage the power of robots in a company-wide initiative and optimize its business processes?

In this context, businesses can combine Business Process Management (BPM) and RPA to manage end-to-end process automation. BPM is responsible for process orchestration, where exception management and complex decision-making is made by humans, while RPA manages repetitive sequences that can be fully delegated to a “virtual employee”, able to execute tasks instantly and with perfect accuracy.

RPA uses software robots to automate monotonous, routine, and time-consuming tasks by replicating the same activity humans perform on their screen with software systems, allowing employees to focus on more important and complex business tasks. However, RPA operates at a more local level, optimizing a discrete operation to make it faster, its aim is not to optimize the whole business process.

In contrast, process automation is focused on the overall end-to-end business process and on orchestrating its individual tasks, enabling consistency and accurate decision making. BPM identifies and improves processes, making a business more efficient, disciplined, and adapted to changing conditions. Automated processes allow businesses to identify bottlenecks and open up opportunities for improvement and optimization. BPM & RPA can interface, creating a synergy where BPM is deployed for modelling, design and management of business processes, leveraging RPA for greater efficiency, compliance and reliability.

Pinpointing the best RPA opportunities will allow for an increase in speed to perform tasks, reducing costs and increasing quality by engaging the employees in a more rewarding working experience, and directing their time and attention to provide a better customer experience.

"Striking the right balance between BPM, RPA and human interaction is key to a successful and effective digital transformation" says Mario Ballario, Practice Manager, Business Automation.

Improving responsiveness and collaboration is key in today’s customer-centric organizations. The synergy between the two technologies will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage, allowing smarter and responsive customer interactions to meet their expectations and demands.

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