Isobar Business Breakfast: Reflections, Visions, Lively Discussion


Isobar Business Breakfast: Reflections, Visions, Lively Discussion

This year’s last round of Business Breakfast, which was held in Isobar’s office in Prague, brought in many attendees from various industries and fields such as petrochemicals, finance, ride sharing, and others. To kick off the event, Ivan Valev, Head of Sales (EMEA) dug into perspectives and visions for 2020. His main talking point was that data is available everywhere, and it can bring us many prospective clients from previously undeveloped fields – including the football pitch, where a Premier League football club was showcased as a great example of a business with a wealth of customer data, but with limited means of using that data effectively. Ivan also talked about how quality of service trumps geographical proximity in digital age, and how a company based in Central Europe can service clients around the world thanks to consistently high quality of delivery and positive brand image.

Ivan’s talk was followed by two presentations: the first one by Michal Majnuš, Marketing Director of Dentsu Czech Republic, who presented the concept of attention as the new token of currency in media, and how to attract and keep customers’ attention through simple yet straightforward approach. The second presentation by Martin Herold from 4Finance focused on the changes in perception of CRM tools, and expected news in the field of CRM.

Data was the key topic of the subsequent lively discussion, as the participants talked about data analysis and the gradual bridging of the gap between offline and online customer data. Some traditional non-retail industries, such as oil and gas companies, are also using a strongly retail-oriented approach in their marketing communication. Much attention was also given to the concept of customer loyalty – are the attempts to retain customer loyalty already obsolete in the current dynamic market environment, or is it just the execution that needs to be brought up to date?

The final summary of the discussion underscored similar trends across very diverse industries. Regardless of the scope of operation of the individual companies, the same topics were repeated: vital importance of data and their processing in business, growing impact of digitalization, and necessary automation of processes. The ongoing trend of using data to the maximum will also see a shift in focus in 2020: companies will adapt by using less data overall, but in a much more efficient way.



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