Reese's Brings You to Meet Ghosts

Reese's Brings You to Meet Ghosts


Combining Halloween's spirit and the Reese's value of breaking norms, OMP-Linked by Isobar injected interactive experience into the campaign, creating surprising Halloween experience online and offline.

The results

Nearly 100,000 people engaged with the campaign and activated coupons for Reese's peanut butter cups via online interaction. The Reese's brand buzz increased 69% while consumers' purchase intention increased 92%.

The challenge

How do we make Reese's known and loved by Chinese consumers in 2015?

The ideal blend of salty peanut butter and creamy chocolate in one delicious,bite-size morsel makes up the flavour of American youth. But before Reese's launch in China, few consumers had ever tasted such surprising flavour. It was a challenge for us to get Reese's known and loved by Chinese consumers in 2015.

The solution

Inspired by the flavours of Reese's peanut butter cups, OMP-Linked by Isobar created four amusing ghosts to interact with young consumers.

We found that China's young consumers are fond of experiencing new things, expanding their social network and they are always inspired by excitements. Meanwhile, the Reese's spirit of breaking norms parallels the Halloween's spirit. So our strategy was to interact with young consumers during their beloved festival — Halloween. 

Inspired by the four features of Reese's peanut butter cups: Soft, Hard, Salty and Sweet, we created four amusing ghosts.

Step 1.A viral video kicked off the campaign before Halloween.

Step 2.Light-sensitive posters of Reese's were displayed in thousands of supermarkets and convenience stores,letting consumers see ghosts when taking photos with flash.

Step 3. Additionally, we launched HTML 5 games in order to engage more consumers. Through simple actions, consumers could interact with Reese's ghosts and won coupons.

The campaign created a wide range of discussions from key opinion leaders and consumers on social platforms. On the day of Halloween, we launched a huge carnival of Song Jiang's University Mega Center, which attracted over 3,000 students. In Shanghai, nearly 10,000 people activated the campaign's coupons for Reese's peanut butter cups.

Not only did we increase the brand awareness among young consumers but also boosted brand popularity. We created a new way to celebrate Halloween.