Canada’s first 360 degree commercial

Canada’s first 360 degree commercial


Setting out to 'show' customers Fido’s holiday promotion, we created a first-of-it’s-kind 360 degree video spot that people couldn’t help but talk about.

The results

With over 3 million views and 50 million impressions, fans 
proclaimed their excitement
at the never-seen-before
360 degree video format.

The challenge

Cornered in a crowded and competitive marketplace, Fido needed a way to get their offer seen.

With a multitude of special offers and pricing bombarding
consumers throughout the holiday season, we were tasked to
find a way to cut through the noise and make Fido's offers
stand out against the competition.

We needed to create something that was cool, new and exciting
that would get young people jumping at Fido’s devices and plans.

The solution

We knew banner ads and traditional media alone wouldn’t cut it.

Using YouTube and Facebook’s new 360 augmented reality platform, we created an immersive experience that users
could delve into and explore using their mobile devices as
a looking glass. As fans moved throughout the experience,
music shifted, and with it, so did the video’s content. 

We didn’t completely step away from traditional platforms, but instead used them as teasers to drive consumers to - our custom built microsite that housed the video.