Safety Bike Radio

Safety Bike Radio

98FM Radio Station

Technology saving lives on the streets.

The results

Traffic has gained more security and 98FM more listeners.

Acceptance among cyclists is huge. Soon, cyclists across the country will be using the device, as anyone can request instructions from the site to mount their own Safety Bike Radio in a bike squeeze.

The challenge

Many run-ins happen because drivers can not see cyclists.

Hundreds of cyclists are run over every year, often because they are at the blind spot of the drivers. With the help of technology and creativity, we can change this.

The solution

If drivers do not see cyclists, we're going to make sure they listen to them.

We created a portable radio transmitter device that interferes with the frequency of the 98FM Radio Station and warns drivers of the presence of cyclists. They can record their own messages through an app to be played on the car radio.