Jersey Hand Over

Jersey Hand Over

Under Armour

A jersey's debut without the jersey. 

The results

$2.2 million in earned media, 13.5 million people reached within the first 10 days, resulting in 40% of the new armour sold which is more than the previous sponsor sold in one year.

The challenge

First playoff match of the South American Championship, more than 66k people at Morumbi Stadium and broadcasted live on primetime TV. It was the perfect stage for São Paulo FC'c new Under Armour jersey debut, but nobody expected that the players would enter the pitch without the jersey.

The solution

To show that the real owners of São Paulo's jersey are the fans, we picked 11 most devoted ones to hand it to the players before the match. The players entered the field wearing nothing but a compression shirt and received the jerseys from the fans in the stands, in a simple but meaningful gesture.