Escola Cuca

Creatinder is a powerful tool for young creatives to find their creative soulmates.

The results

Creatinder reduced the limits of the physical world bringing hundreds of young creatives with the same interests together and potentially changing their careers. It's also an innovative tool that created awareness and generated a huge database of prospects for the client.

The challenge

How Cuca, a new advertising school, could compete with giant schools in a well-established market to attract new students? 

Although it has some of the best teachers, prices and opportunities for students, it still couldn't attract as many young copywriters and art directors as other schools.

The solution

To solve this problem, we decided to create a mobile app that used the same mechanics of one of the most famous apps ever created: Tinder.

On Creatinder, young creatives had the chance to upload their best work, browse though several portfolios, evaluate and compare styles to choose their creative soul mate.