Isobar LATAM CEO Abel Reis launches book


Isobar LATAM CEO Abel Reis launches book

A pioneer in the Brazilian digital revolution, and one of the country's leading digital specialists, Isobar LATAM CEO & DAN Brazil CEO, Abel Reis, has released an inspiring book documenting his insight into the profound impacts that digital technologies is having on every aspect of our lives.

The book, titled, delves into how the fourth industrial revolution will impact our day to day lives, why people's online attitudes are often different from offline, as well as granular topics impacted by digital, such as to what extent children need electronic devices in schools, and if it's possible to be happy in relationships born and nurtured only through online interactions. includes testimonials from the likes of renowned digital artist Giselle Beiguelman, Brazilian academic Ronaldo Lemos, and Adriano Silva, a leading Brazilian Ju Jitsu competitor, enriching the debate and provoking readers into thinking how digital has impacted their own lives.

Abel Reis, Isobar LATAM CEO & DAN Brazil CEO, and author of, said, "Above all, my idea was to provide an amazing and questioning dive into how digital has impacted our daily lives, and look at how we deal with what digital can't help us with. Like inefficiency of public services, prejudice, social inequality, corruption and political polarisation? Our identity today is expanded and flowing, traversing and being crossed by virtual, artificial, real and natural intelligence. This blends into producing new combinations, opening possibilities for thought, feeling, and behaviour. As human beings, we are discovering who we are and what we will be, and digital is having a profound impact on this discovery. I wish you a good reading, with many discoveries."

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