"I hate advertising"


"I hate advertising"

Once in Cannes - I confess that I can not remember the year - went to one of those typical lectures in which an advertising interview a celebrity. The famous time was the rapper Puff Daddy. Without mincing words, the singer sent in front of the packed auditorium, a phrase that struck me: "I hate propaganda, like everyone else." An awkward silence fell among the hundreds of advertisers and marketers the audience.

Let's face Puff Daddy could not be more right. Advertising only served, at least at the time, to stop people. But since then, our profession has changed a lot. Still well.

To draw the attention of people in a scenario where they are bombarded with information like never before in history, propaganda had to turn. Sometimes not give more to call propaganda. Sometimes, the best advertisement is a service. Sometimes it is a new product. It is often a new experience. Other times, it is a content, an entertainment piece. Or better yet, it is something that can not even set right.

I, of course, love advertising. But I confess that in recent years, the challenge of creating advertising that is much more than just advertising made me even more passionate about the profession.

Thank you, Puff Daddy.

Eduardo Battiston, Chief Creative Officer, Isobar Brazil

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