Unicef launches #Beforeitstoolate by Isobar Brazil


Unicef launches #Beforeitstoolate by Isobar Brazil

This week our team in Brazil launched a campaign to raise awareness of the millions of vulnerable young people around the world, and encourage people to donate to Unicef.

The campaign includes a short film of Brazilian children singing “Epitaph” (“Epitáfio”, in Brazilian Portuguese), a song by the Brazilian Rock band, Titãs.

According to Mateus Braga, Executive Creative Director at Isobar Brasil, the choice of music was paramount to the understanding of the campaign concept.

“We are attempting to show the urgency of the conditions that so many kids find themselves in - that the day after tomorrow might not exist for them. A kid’s epitaph is a hard and shocking way to bring attention to this”, explains the Director. 

According to Wim Desmendt, Resource Mobilization Manager of Unicef Brasil, the purpose of the campaign is to change the life of the kids that are socially vulnerable, “..It doesn’t matter the situation, if it’s an armed conflict, if it’s in Amazônia countryside, in a small semi-arid city or in the suburb of a big Brazilian city,” notes Desmendt.

In addition to the video, Isobar created accompanying digital content including the official Unicef site and social network assets.

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