Unxpctd conversations

Unxpctd conversations

AB InBev

The results

The implementation of the bot multiplied by five the amount of managed conversations, and reduced human conversation management by 90%. Enhancing consumer's experience with the brand while allowing marketers to shift a part of their investment to other parts of the consumer journey.

The challenge

Extend the experience

Cubanisto is there to enable and inspire users to ADD UNXPCTD by extending the experience of the night beyond the party, with useful information and functionalities bringing the brand claim to life. All the while remaining user-friendly, with a mechanic that is consistent with the brand strategy and culturally relevant.

The solution

Meaningful moments on a specific screen

People have less and less time to learn new user interfaces, texting and voice will be the primary way customers interact with brands. With Cubanisto targeting young people, we wanted to start a conversation and engage with our audience directly on their phones. A user-friendly dynamic service chatbot, there to answer customer’s need when they had it, on the device of their choice, was the most pertinent answer.