Oreo Belgium's Double Lick Race

Oreo Belgium's Double Lick Race

Mondelez Belgium

For this campaign, in association with Isobar and Carat, Oreo decided to collaborate with famous local YouTubers. Regarding the evolution of our target's media consumption, the campaign focused on an online communication.

The results

As a result, not only did the campaign produce hilarious videos, but a reach of more than four millions video views on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as on the campaign's site & .be.

The challenge

Get teens to stick to Oreo by getting them into licking battles, and make them excited about the product.

In 2015, Oreo started their new positioning and campaign "Wonderfilled" in which they focused on "igniting the kid in all of us". Their vision for the Benelux is to grow teens and young adults through iconic platforms. Their mission for the Benelux is to become the undisputed biscuit icon. In Q4, they want to bring product innovations to early teens to keep them excited about Oreo. They want to do this with a new product called "Double Stuff". The obstacle being that today's teenager is hard to reach and hard to engage. This generation has been born with complete technology. They use five screens a day, they are 24/7 connected with their friends. This result in them being bored easily and having little time. They have an attention span of 8 seconds. A short video is perfect for capturing their attention, but if it doesn't lead to anything else, it will quickly be forgotten. If they invest their time to watch a video or read a post, it needs to deliver something unique to them.

The solution

Famous belgian YouTubers rose to the top with Oreo Double Lick Race.

To promote its new product Double Stuff, Oreo decided to come up with the "Lick Race" concept. The campaign demonstrated different battles between two influencers in which they have to find an argument to settle, they twist and lick the cookie. The one who succeeds to lick away the white cream within the shortest timing wins, the loser has to fulfil a fun challenge. The campaign idea is to bring the concept to teens on digital by partnering up with local teen influencers to leverage their network, generate engagement and making the campaign viral online. The brand had to find the target audience where they are: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. We had to make Oreo part of their world and stay relevant. Eight influencers from the Netherlands, and elven Belgians took part in the Oreo Double Stuff Lick Race and shared their experiences with their own network. The choice of the influencers wasn't only based on their popularity towards our target, but also on the fact that their personality reflects the fun character of the brand. Furthermore, in order to engage the fans effectively, they also had the possibility to submit their own Lick Race, and win one year of free Oreos.