A Pokémon GO adventure

A Pokémon GO adventure

Opel Belgium

Pokémon GO took the world by storm this summer, and Isobar has been at the creative forefront finding original solutions for brands to play into the global phenomenon.

“We were looking for a stunt with the ADAM and knowing that Pokémon GO is the hot topic this summer, we knew this was going to be the perfect combination. The results were fantastic and it was just a really fun project to work on!” Els Weyenberg, Manager Online Marketing at Opel Belgium.

The results

1.5MIO Belgian interested in Pokemon GO & Opel were reached.
16.500 engagements recorded social media.
555.000 video views across platforms.

CPE decreasing by 66%.

The challenge

Opel has been looking for creative ways to promote the ADAM.

Increase brand engagement with young people, that are heavily connected but difficult to reach in a qualitative way (cynical about brands promoting themselves, they are the highest users of Ad-blockers, etc.).

The solution

The ADAM is a friendly city car.

Both the Opel ADAM and Pokémon GO target young audiences, who follow YouTube vloggers and watch their videos daily. Knowing this, Isobar created a challenge for the YouTube star, UP2D8, a rising star in the Belgian YouTuber landscape. The Opel ADAM is perfect for driving between Pokéstops where users can find new items to use in the game.

Samir, the face behind UP2D8, and his fans had to prove their Pokémon-catching skills in some of the most iconic locations of Antwerp, using the Opel ADAM to travel between Pokémon GO hotspots.

As Samir doesn’t have his driving license yet, the final challenge let him acquire his first driving experience with the Pokémon GO ADAM. Once he completed all of the challenges, he received a giant voucher for his first driving lessons with an Opel!