Jupiler x Tomorrowland 2017

Jupiler x Tomorrowland 2017

AB InBev

Unifying Jupiler x Tomorrowland x music lovers through a digital-first campaign that shares the ultimate Tomorrowland experience.

Best use of Social Media (Silver), The Best of Content Awards 2018

The results

Six times more weekly visitors to the site & 71% of our target audience reached. 96% positive and neutral mentions across Social Media platforms, with 29,4 million impressions on Facebook and Instagram. 9,1 million impressions for online videos - 47.000 engagement generated by Influencer content, with a 2,4 million reach. Over 6 million Snapchat impressions, with a video engagement rate of 0,1% (industry average 0,08%).

The challenge

Support "Love Every Drop"

Create unity between Jupiler x Tomorrowland x music lovers by bringing ‘Love Every Drop’ (concept by TCC) to life through a digital-first campaign featuring platform-tailored content which creates added value by giving the ultimate Tomorrowland experience.

The solution

We claimed the drop.
That moment of intuition when, no matter where you are or what language you speak, everything makes sense. You know what’s next. The drop.
The culture of Tomorrowland and millennials’ social behaviour lead to the campaign theme: Love Every Drop (by TCC)

Love: The universal language of Tomorrowland and the EDM scene
Every: Fear of missing out, get everything out of life
Drop: The ultimate climax in every track at Tomorrowland and the ultimate refreshment in every Jupiler

We brought the concept to digital through enticing creatives: A Jupiler drop as it falls in slow motion. ‘Wait for the drop!’ The Jupiler drop hits the speaker, the epic beat of “Find your soul”, a track by Belgian Tomorrowland headliner Yves V, drops too and the beer explodes dancing in the speaker, and so do the dancer at the festival. A count-down build-up to the drop takes viewers through the several stages a body goes through surrounding a beat drop – preparation, tension, the drop and release. The creative video cuts drove high engagement and view-through rates Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, with tailored formats and video cuts. Since Tomorrowland is all about the music, each play on the mobile platform enabled consumers to download a track from the festival sets. Spotify was also part of the mix, with a video take-over and sponsored sessions. "At AB InBev we are always keen to put in place innovative approaches to support our brands and our actions. But it is key to us that these new approaches are measurable and generate impact. And it's indeed a success for this first Snapchat ads campaign," explains Nicolas Robeet, Digital Manager BU West, AB InBev.

Digital is also about interaction, so we extended the campaign to a mobile platform driving consumers from the limited-edition bottles straight to the Jupiler website, where simple, ludic mobile arcade games awaited and gave the chance to win several prizes. This brought the moment of inspiration and transaction closer together, thus reinforcing the business impact of the campaign.

During the festival, content created by a selected team of relevant Influencers drove engagement, impressions and video views. Once the party was over, Jupiler kept the spirit alive through an after-movie then summed up the vibe of tomorrow, driving high levels of engagement.