Launching Jupiler 0,0%

Launching Jupiler 0,0%

AB InBev

Guide consumers in a newly embraced category towards credible drinking occasions and reasons to choose Jupiler 0,0%.

Best use of Influencers (Silver), The Best of Content Awards 2018

The results

The campaign was a smashing success. We reached over 3 million people with our content, garnering over 2 million views. On Facebook and Instagram, the funny and relevant videos captured the attention of over 50% of those who started watching, keeping then hooked until the end of the video. The content was also overwhelmingly engaging on YouTube, with a 93% completion rate.

People were not stingy with their reactions either, with the posts gathering 75.000 likes, comments and shares on Jupiler channels and the Influencers’ own channels. The campaign also significantly increased the perception of Jupiler 0,0% as a trendy drink option, with a 90,6% increase in sales.

The challenge

Follow up on launch

After successfully launching Jupiler 0,0% in 2017 and establishing the category on the Belgian market, consumers were embracing the 0,0% beer as a credible alternative and were waiting for the next step in the 0,0% category. Increase awareness and consideration for Jupiler 0,0% among regular Jupiler drinkers, proving to consumers that with Jupiler 0,0% you can still have the taste of 100% beer, drink it at certain moment that you wouldn’t think of and this as a positive choice

The solution

An 100% Belgian Influencers program

Creating an Influencer program that was highlighting the benefits of the products in multiple situations. Designed for social media platforms, and co-created with personalities that were bringing their own style to the project.

Positioning Jupiler 0,0% as a great option for active beer lovers looking for a tasty alternative to a regular Jupiler for both French and Flemish audiences. Reminding drivers they should choose between drinking and driving.

Use social media icons with high relevance for younger audiences to try the Jupiler 0,0% and guarantee that it is “not bad” - with their style – and produce perfect 6” social content.