Forging new relationships

Forging new relationships

Pernod Ricard belgium

Isobar made a sophisticated, elegant mobile-first digital platform to forge stronger relationships among Pernod Ricard, high-energy bars and their patrons.

The results

Tailored incentives make a digital campaign a success.

The challenge

Help Pernod Ricard increase awareness among high-energy Belgian bars and patrons.

Bar owners and their clientele face a barrage of advertising across many platforms, so capturing and keeping their attention is a steep challenge. Based on joint-research with our client, we learned that tailored rewards and giveaways are critical to them using and interacting with our digital brand platform, especially in loud, high-energy settings.

The solution

Design a digital platform that delivers.

We created the full brand package and deisgned the platform to work mainly for mobile devices since that's what people use at bars. The design had to reflect both a high-energy bar atmosphere and Pernod Ricard's four featured spirits: Absolut, Havana Club, Beefeater, and Jamesons. Using I Love My Bar had to be simple but engaging in a setting with a lot of distractions and noise.