Condoms are not fun anymore

Condoms are not fun anymore


Condoms aren’t fun. Young people don’t talk about it. Alternatives are everywhere.

The results

Results went beyond estimations, with some of the content generating massive organic view counts. In total, 5 million people were reached by the campaign with an impressive engagement rate of 21% on the material.

The challenge

Young people perceive talking about condoms as an inconvenient and awkward moment. There are other contraceptive methods, such as the pill. Safe sex is not top of mind. To raise awareness about safe sex and contraception, we needed to be clear and straight to the point.

The solution

Safe sex should be something to be proud of, something to hold dear. We believe that addressing the topic boldly and straightforwardly will help young people avoiding the perceived awkwardness of that conversation, steering clear of STDs and the morning-after pills. We decided to let Durex’s audience do the talking, and challenge them. Are they as bold as they think they are?