Revel in the unexpected!

Revel in the unexpected!

Cubanisto Belgium

Launch of Cubanisto through a 100% social video content strategy, amplified on mobile devices and through digital out of home.

The results

Engaged millennials through social video, where they increasingly are.

The challenge

Persuade young locals that Cubanisto is the drink of choice on their night out

Within an already overcrowded alcohol market, where every brand want to target young people during their night out, launching Cubanisto a new brand with the same objectives was a compelling challenge.
Based on an in-depth CCS study on target, results were clear that we needed a strong all year long social media presence to engage our target audience with the brand.

The solution

Revel in the unexpected

We creatively used different surprising video techniques that specifically work well on social media: 360° video posts, cinemagraphs, gif animations, split-depth 3D, gamification of content, 3D motion graphics, real nightlife footage, … Digital OOH was only used during night times & the giant banners were made interactive. Passers-by could choose to change the colour of the iconic Cubanisto mask.