Innovative Digital Loyalty app

Innovative Digital Loyalty app

Izico Belgium

Bicky + Loyalty in 2016 = DIGITAL. With the launch of the new loyalty platform, Bicky was looking for innovating solutions regarding scanning & data management.

The results

All scans and meta data about the scan gave Bicky valuable information on their product consumption. With our intuitive KPI monitor, Bicky can follow up on the loyalty plan in realtime. Shops started to save points and exchange them for free products or point of sales materials. Hundreds of snackbars use the loyalty app because of its ease of use. Bicky uses it to get more insights on the market.

A win-win situation!

The challenge

A full analysis on Bicky's business needs.

Bicky has challenged us with a lot of data for a new digital loyalty plan. We did a thourough data analysis and came up with a clear solution on how the old-fashioned loyalty plan could be improved on user experience, data and reporting.
Data came from different sources, had to be enriched and sent back to other platforms as well.
After an analysis and a pitch, we got chosen to bring our plans to life.

The solution

Building online tools & apps for client & market

We cooperated very closely with Bicky the first weeks to make sure all information was covered. Wireframes, test environments and mockups were exchanged on a daily basis to shift into high gears. For saving points, an intuitive scanning application was developed based on QR codes which are printed on all Bicky and Beckers products. Snackbars and french fries outlets got invited to install the "MyBicky" app and scan the codes.