Mirthe Simoen joins the agency


Mirthe Simoen joins the agency

As the sun keeps on shining in this beautiful month of July, we welcome Mirthe Simoen in our Social Media team. With a strong editorial and copy background, she will help us deliver qualitative social media content for our clients. We submitted her to a few crucial questions so that you can get to know her a little bit more:

If you were a superhero (which maybe you are?!?), what would your name be?

Miss Six Senses. With my super senses I can feel, hear, smell, taste, touch everything and sometimes even predict the future. Nothing can stay under my radar.

If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature, what new animal would your create?

A butterflion. I think a mix of a butterfly and a lion will save the world. First attract everyone with my beauty and then full attack. Hakuna Matata!

We do believe you can find true love with food. What would your dream sandwich be?

Guacamole, Spicy chicken, lettuce, sour cream, melted cheese. Practically a Taco but then on a sandwich.

Which actor should play your character in the movie of your life?

Jennifer Lawrence, we are both clumsy and speak before we think. Something tells me she can won’t have that much difficulties in identifying with her character.

How long could you watch a screen before your eyes pop out?

Forever of course, If you are working in social media you can’t miss a thing. If you do, this would mean game over and I like to stay on top of the game.


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