Geoffrey Moulart

Head of Social Media

Geoffrey Moulart
A down to earth approach, client centric and achievement based…  even if the goal is to reach the moon.

With its journalistic background and 12 years experience in Event organization, this guys knows the reality of a project. Even if thoses project where made to make it’s audience dream. The emergence of digital has been a revelation for that geek photographer and producer. He followed closely the digital evolution one hand in the codes, and the other creating the his first digital storytelling. In 2010, as partner in Socialike, he build a first social department and worked actively on combining field marketing & Digital.

Favorite weapons: markers and whiteboard.

Social Media Native

Working social media before the advent of Facebook.

Holistic Approach

Worked on digital & social evangilization of large companies like Carrefour and BNP Paribas Fortis. Ecosystems & relationship management.

Field & Content Background

12 years experience in event and a strong content background.