TV your way

TV your way

Network 10

We delivered a brand and digital platform for Network Ten: TENplay. Accessible across multiple devices, it was a game-changer in the category.

The results

The idea generated 12 months of Ten's ad revenue in one month.

The challenge

How could we bring Ten into the digital age and increase engagement across the network?

Network Ten's audience and ad revenue was in decline, and in the competitive catch-up TV space, many local and international players were vying for their viewer's attention. But consumers watch shows, not channels, so we needed to flip Ten’s business model on its head if we wanted to engage audiences, and create a digital experience that was a game changer in the category.

The solution

We created a platform that was all about content, offering seamless connected experiences.

We embraced the best of social TV, while being true to Ten’s customer promise. Rather than being all things to all people, TENplay encouraged seamless connected experiences. And with the continuous play and on the go features, viewers could watch TV whenever and wherever they want. With over a million downloads, TENplay became the highest performing catch-up TV service in Australia.