Standing up for kids in need

Standing up for kids in need

Australian Childhood Foundation

#NotAnotherChild was a social media campaign that raised awareness of child abuse, and gained donations for the ACF through celebrity endorsements and unpaid media gain.

The results

The idea got the AFC a meeting with then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The challenge

We needed to inspire Aussies to add their voice to the Australian Childhood Foundation's.

For more than 25 years, the ACF has been helping children devastated by abuse, neglect and family violence, but they couldn’t do it alone. They needed an idea that would inspire support among the Aussie public, both through donations and by sharing the message with their social networks. The goal was to ensure not another child had to suffer.

The solution

We created #NotAnotherChild, an idea designed to kick-start a movement for change.

#NotAnotherChild aimed to create a real and meaningful shift in the way we see and prioritise child abuse, neglect and family violence within Australia. As the face of the campaign, actor Chris Hemsworth rallied people to post a positive image from their childhood to social media with the hashtag #NotAnotherChild, to remind us all of what no child should miss out on.