Why big business should steal from start-ups


Why big business should steal from start-ups

With the rapid proliferation of all things digital the change that is upon us both societally and, by association, in marketing is pretty damn interesting.

Never before have we been able to orchestrate, monitor, tailor, respond to or interact with customers, their experiences and purchases to such an extent.

Yet gone are the days when cautiously dipping your toe in the digital waters is sufficient or cheap.

But no matter the number of fiscal commas you have to work with, it’s impossible to argue that the tools, channels, techniques and opportunities now at our disposal aren’t worth your attention – or funding. Unfortunately, foraying into unfamiliar waters can be deemed risky amongst the more conservative folks at any organisation.

In case you didn’t get the memo though, it’s time to get wet. And friends, water sports aren’t free. By now you’ll be all-too aware of the smitten way big business likes to swoon over the litters of small businesses birthed in this connected age. ‘Disrupt’, ‘fail fast’, ‘flearn’… these are all catch-cries of, well, basically anyone who doesn’t work for a startup.

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