This is where the UEFA Champions League Plays

This is where the UEFA Champions League Plays

Puls 4

For years, the UEFA Champions League has been broadcasted in Austria on the TV channel ORF, subject to public law. Now, it switched over to the commercial channel Puls4.  This isn’t only a vital information for fans of soccer, but also a milestone for the channel. We celebrated this fact by reshaping a popular Austrian expression – and the perfect testimonial…

The results

During the playing time, Puls 4’s market share increased

The challenge

Informations about the channel transition, image upgrade for Puls 4

All soccer fans were supposed to remember that the UEFA Champions League is being broadcast on Puls 4 in Austria. We were also asked to put on the “upgrade” of Puls 4 to basically become member of the champion’s league of TV channels due to the newly acquired transmission rights.

The solution

This Is Where the UEFA Champions League Plays – with David Alaba!

The expression „this is where the music plays“ means that something important happens at a specific place, or rather that one can expect good entertainment. The undertone also insinuates that a location is the only one in providing this sort of entertainment. We transformed it into „This is where the UEFA Champions League plays.“
The realization: Showing the Austrian Champions League star David Alaba in dramatic situations during matches – and in the studio of Puls 4.