It’s Time

It’s Time


How do you bring to life the campaign "happiness is contagious" for the consumer? We relied on a popular consumer trend – taking pictures of moments of enjoyment – and recharged it with our brand. For that purpose, we created a new name for such moments: „It’s Aperol time“! And an according hashtag campaign…

The results

6.400 new Facebook fans, 15.600 Facebook interactions and 129.000 Youtube views in just two weeks. Happiness really is contagious!

The challenge

Raise awareness, increase brand contact

The campaign had to raise awareness beyond the means of traditional media, to increase brand contact, and to put restage the diverse possibilities of indulgence of Aperol – right in the middle of the target audience’s world, making the campaign both emotional and authentic.

The solution

Show us your Aperol time – and play a role in our It’s Aperol Time TV spot!

Participation was easy: take a picture of your Aperol time, post or upload it on social networks using #Itsaperoltime; done! We gave away Aperol packages amongst all participants – and participating with their pictures in the TV spot. The campaign has been promoted as well on a microsite, with online banners and citylights.