Re-cycle Re-sell Re-use

Re-cycle Re-sell Re-use


Environmental responsibility is increasingly important for global brands.
We developed a sustainability program campaign for IKEA that offered real advantages for IKEA customers – vouchers for their old, but still valuable, furniture.

The results

A permanent recycle, reuse and resell system for a major furniture chain was implement for the first time

The challenge

IKEA as a sustainable company

IKEA Furniture has a reputation for “fast furniture” with durability issues, and it needed to show its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. But how could IKEA prove that its commitment is more than a statement of intent?

The solution

IKEA 2nd Life: a recycle-, resell- and reuse-system for old IKEA furniture.

Isobar developed an online tool that enabled people who own IKEA furniture to check its financial value – in real-time, with only a few clicks.

For the reuse and resell system, we created a bespoke algorithm that considers age, colour, condition, dimensions and popularity to calculate a price, for the customer to exchange in the shop.