From the Roll: A Short-Story On Toilet Paper Rolls

From the Roll: A Short-Story On Toilet Paper Rolls


How do you increase the consumption level of toilet paper? We devised a campaign with unique added value – and a perfect ambiguity: “to be from the roll” means to be confused, which also best describes the protagonist of the story. On the other hand it also means that the story is coming directly from the roll of toilet paper.

The results

Sell-out of the rolls, increased consumer‘s reactions.

The challenge

Secure secondary display, increase sales

We wanted to create a promotion that would secure a secondary display in business and increase sales of Zewa toilet paper – without price-off, on-pack or other customary mechanics; a promotion offering an additional value for the consumer.

The solution

We offered something that never goes amiss at the restrooms: reading matter

We wrote a short-story and distributed it on several rolls of toilet paper: ideal for collectors and barters. The story: A day in Berger’s life, who is entirely „from the roll.“ First off, he loses his wallet. He manages to recover it, and with it the love of his life. Readers were able to skim through the story on the Zewa website.