Dazs is mine

Dazs is mine


Consumers must once again be made aware of Häagen Dazs. Furthermore, we wanted to create an emotional link between the consumer and the brand.

The results

24,000 interactions and 1134 individually designed themes

The challenge

Involvement and interaction with the brand

Häagen Dazs is not just any ice cream, its a premium brand. To be able to create a campaign that engages people, we first have to know who the target group are. Our analysis: Häagen Dazs consumers like to stand out from the crowd, and they know what they want. Its all about trends, lifestyle, travel and sports. The following campaign was created in cooperation with The Storylab another Dentsu brand.

The solution

We linked the brand individually with each user

Under the motto of #DazsIstMeinsvisitors of the website had the opportunity to create personal themes and choose from three catch phrases: My style, my adventure and my passion. With a little luck, the theme was later shown on the media screens in Vienna. This was kicked off by the well-known blogger Carola Pojer of Vienna Wedekind. The campaign was supported by online banners, Facebook ads and a YouTube video.