A fairytale like debut for Stiefelkönig

A fairytale like debut for Stiefelkönig


How do you pass up an independent re-launch campaign for Austria's most traditional footwear brand, that also brings along measurable success? We literally created a fairytale campaign - with a new slogan, new key visual elements and notorious stories that we reinterpreted. Whilst implementing it within a broad range of Media from Billboard ads, Website, Newsletters and mailings to POS.

The results

increase in sales during the first year of the campaign

The challenge

Reposition Stiefelkönig, increase sales

Stiefelkönig had become outdated. The brand had no independent presence and customers stayed away. We were to give the brand a new independent face, to regenerate it emotionally and thus provide more frequency, more sales and stronger customer loyalty. Furthermore with a much smaller budget than previously.

The solution

We narrated fairytales anew – with a fairytale like Key Visual

Every woman sometimes feels like a princess. For this we told the perfect tale: Fairy tales reinterpreted: The women of today no longer fears the evil Wolf – instead she leads the tamed little wolves on a leash. The Key Visual: A fairy tale mirror, which was derived from the Stiefelkönig’s logo. The claim: The most beautiful shoes in the country.