"Luke will soon see the sea": isobar conceptualises the new CSR campaign for NIVEA


"Luke will soon see the sea": isobar conceptualises the new CSR campaign for NIVEA

As part of "NIVEA cares for family", a global initiative for children and familieis, NIVEA Austria has been supporting SOS Children's Village for 20 years already. The new communication campaign for NIVEA's CSR programme was conceptualised by the creative agency isobar.

 One out of every three SOS Children's Village children in Austria has never been to the seaside. So NIVEA has developed a programme which makes such a holiday possible for these children. Consumers can help by attending NIVEA family festivals and buying charitable raffle tickets. The integrated campaign is being communicated via TV, online advertising, social media, CRM, native advertising and video seeding.

 The idea behind the campaign: What children wish for, they like to dream about. The creative team of isobar staged these imaginings and the yearning for the sea with an emotional video – and sounds that evoke visions of the sea. The video is resolved with the slogan "Luke will soon see – Luke will soon see the sea" and the call to support this campaign by attending the NIVEA family festival. There it is possible to contribute to fulfilling a great childhood dream simply by purchasing a raffle ticket.

 "The partnership with SOS Children's Village has been an integral part of the NIVEA brand in Austria for many years already. Every child deserves the warmth and security of a family atmosphere, and so already in 1997 we decided to support SOS Children's Village. With this story about Luke, isobar has told about this commitment with a wonderful story", as Ann-Christine Stjepandic, Austrian Marketing Manager for Beiersdorf, is pleased to relate.

 "Without companies and brands such as NIVEA, who has been supporting us for 20 years already, we would not be able to do our work for children and families to this extent, and many things would not be possible. We are especially delighted to receive this support for our new project", adds Christian Moser, Director of SOS Children's Village Austria.

 Helmut Kosa, CEO of isobar: "NIVEA is a longstanding supporter of SOS Children's Village. We are raising more awareness for NIVEA's CSR activities and strengthening the brand's family-oriented positioning."

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Client: Beiersdorf GmbH    Ann-Christine Stjepandic, Marketing Managerin Österreich


Account Direction: Erich Holzbauer

Beratung: Albin Lenzer       

Creative Direction: Wolfgang Kindermann, Michael Heine

Konzept: Alexander Trybus, Katharina Zinggl          

Text: Wolfgang Kindermann, Katharina Zinggl

Web Konzept: Günther Feldbaumer                                                   

Web Development: Julia Pranger                                                                

TV-Regie: Nikolaus Sauer

Filmproduktion: jerkFilms GmbH

Tonstudio: Soundfeiler                       


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Foto: Kampagnen-Sujet „Lukas sieht bald Meer“



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