"Just the way I like it": isobar presents the repositioning and new campaign for Donau Versicherung


"Just the way I like it": isobar presents the repositioning and new campaign for Donau Versicherung

After the agency isobar and its client Donau started a brand repositioning process last year, the result is now being presented in the form of a 360° campaign – by far the Austrian insurance company's most extensive one in many years. In the course of the positioning process, a new claim was developed: "Just the way I like it." – showing Donau's aspiration and confirming it at the same time as the most customer-oriented insurance company.

The campaign's goal is to anchor the claim and this aspiration among the general population, as well as among the employees. In TV and radio spots, posters, City Lights, advertisements, instream videos and the whole range of digital communication tools, customers, partners and employees get a chance to explain what all about Donau is just the way one likes it. The whole campaign stages the new claim and the benefits "clearly, strikingly and independently", as both the client and the agency point out.

"Bundling the enthusiasm for our customers is our mutual goal. Our new campaign supports us perfectly in doing so. It highlights our positive, proactive and customer-oriented regional outlook", says Mag. Harald Riener, Sales Director for Donau. Helmut Kosa, CEO isobar: "It is a great assignment for us to ideally position the successful Donau company in cooperation with the client. It was essential that the positioning and the claim based on it can be lived out both inwardly and outwardly. "


DONAU Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group 1010 Vienna, Schottenring 15
Board Director: Mag. Harald Riener
Divisional Management for Distribution Service & Marketing: Mag. Ulrike Promberger
Marketing/Market Research, Distribution Service & Marketing: Mag. Susanne Völkl


Account Direction: Sabina Semsovic
Account Management: Kristina Gavric
Creative Direction, Concept: Wolfgang Kindermann, Michael Heine
Text: Wolfgang Kindermann, Katharina Zinggl
Art Direction, Graphics: Ramin Yazdanpanah
Web Development: Günther Feldbaumer, Moritz Palnstorfer
Photography: Joachim Haslinger
TV Direction: Harald Staudacher
Film Production: Seven Film- und Postproduction GmbH
Recording Studio: Cosmix Studios

TV spots © isobar/Seven Film- und Postproduction GmbH
TV spots 1 & 2 are available as downloads:


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