Maximilian Goll

Business Director

Maximilian Goll
Online from the beginning

30 years ago, Max went online for the first time using his Commodore C64 and a model 8010 modem.
He has been fascinated with new technologies, software and online services ever since.
After a quick detour to the logistics industry, he developed software solutions for clients such as the Austrian post office, Kapsch, Alcatel and Austria Trend Hotels.

1999 already he catered server farms and cloud solutions to the needs of his company and his clients.
In 2000, he was part of setting up the first Austrian online markting agency – paving the way for the future of online advertising.
Besides building up the biggest Austrian cyber café chain, he was also involved in major web projects between the years of 2000 and 2010.
2010, Max joined the team and since then he takes part in the agency’s development.