Your Face is NOT Made of Wood

Your Face is NOT Made of Wood


Women tend to suppress their facial  expressions as a defense mechanism against some of life’s  tough moments.

The results

Engagement Rate: 10%
Facebook views: 5.4M 
YouTube views: 1.4M
No. of shares: 17K

Unilever POND'S Expressions Campaign won Bronze at the MENA EFFIES 2016 and was the only campaign awarded in the Cosmetics and Fragrances Category!
The campaign also won an EMERALD in 'Digital & Mobile' at the African Cristal Festival Awards 2016.

The solution

A woman’s facial expression is not her weakness, it’s her power and one of the most beautiful things about her, because her face is not made of wood. 

When we lose something, it’s when we appreciate it the most. Expressions as well. so we created a  social experiment to show women how important  and beautiful their facial expressions are.  Expressions  leave  impressions,  not lines.