Axe Evolution of Hooking Up

Axe Evolution of Hooking Up


Axe is changing their packaging and formula for the first time in 7 years. With a big change like that, we had to go big with our communication! We came up with a 360 digital campaign that was just as cool as Axe always is.

The results

5 million views and over 1,500 fan-made videos which lead to a 17% increase in sales, 50 BPS gained in market share and Axe’s “Cool and Trendy” attribute increased by 3%

The challenge

Axe wanted to create awareness on their new packaging and formula in a way that is true to their brash personality, while bearing in mind Egypt’s conservative nature.

The solution

Axe Evolution of Hooking Up

There are a lot of things in our lifestyle that have changed over the last 7 years, hooking up was one of them. We set out to highlight those changes in a catchy and upbeat song that was created by two popular underground artists. The cherry on top; each and every one of our fans could be the star of the video simply by uploading their picture through our microsite.