Cairo - 2 El Malek El Afdal Street


Key Accountabilities

  • Keeping up to date with relevant trends and techniques.
  • Helping the team learn about motion and 3D
  • Being able to quickly visualise ideas for pitches and presentations.
  • Having a strong knowledge of 3D, texturing modeling and lighting.
  • Strong understanding of technology and it's applications and creatively supports the effective use of technology to solve business problems.
  • Champion and support new ideas to help make them happen through allowing access to resourcing and quick prototyping.
  • Leads, mentors and is a key contributor on pitch teams.
  • Champion, define and feedback on the creative process and output; quality of briefs, regular reviews, feedback channels, creative quality and collaboration.
  • Proactively identifies opportunities to increase depth and breadth of creative work performed for clients, both from an understanding of the clients business and needs, but also from a knowledge of the industry, innovation and competitors.
  • Key decision maker and team lead that is able to adapt to changing requirements. Conducts work reviews, regular check-ins, goal planning and training. Mentors direct reports, create a supportive culture and encourages people to consistently excel. Able to suggest and structure most suitable creative team.
  • Independently identifies opportunities to create high profile blog posts, industry articles, internal presentations, industry presentations

Professional Skills

  • Have a strong knowledge of a compositing program like after effects (or other)
  • Know all of the key design software packages like illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Animation program like Flash or other

Key Experiences

  • Oversight experience
  • Internal / external ideas selling
  • Global brand experience
  • Strong story telling experience