Mark Kritzinger

Development Director SSA

Development Director for Sub-Saharan Africa and all-round nice guy, Mark brings a holistic approach to Isobar.

Charged with developing our African footprint in key markets, Mark lays the roadmap for integrating acquisitions and startups into the network and then drives the process of developing skills, sharing knowledge and implementing methods to make each business more efficient. With a background in Digital Retail Marketing and Business Development, Mark embraces every challenge that comes his way. Add in an MBA from Duke University/UCT and with his feet now firmly planted in African soil, Mark's goal is to get Isobar’s vision of uninhibited innovation thriving across the continent as far and wide as is humanly possible.

Mark's goal is to make each of our new offices not just self-sufficient, but leaders in their respective markets.

Mark's Favourite Things

His Harley

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