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Isobar Vietnam's Managing Director Named In Campaign Asia-Pacific 'Women To Watch 2016' List

(CampaignAsia) Conversations around gender equality in the workplace have come a long way since the 1950s. But recent events in the industry—a party at Cannes that vetted female invitees based on looks, a Cannes-winning ad that many thought condoned rape, recent incendiary comments by Kevin Roberts—make it seem like just that: a conversation with not enough action behind it.

Furthermore, as we have explored in Social pressures, not bias, hold women back, workplace hurdles to gender equality can be insidiously different across cultures and markets. Our Women to Watch list celebrates the disruptors: women who have succeeded against all odds and are changing industry norms and practices.

The stories of 40 selected women you'll read above show that positive change is taking place. Nonetheless, women are still under-represented in leadership roles, which is why we continue to believe female role models need to be singled out and celebrated in a feature like this. We'll happily stop doing this annual feature when true equality is achieved.

Isobar Vietnam's Managing Director - Mrs Denise Thi - is the only Vietnamese woman to be featured in the list. 

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