Enterprise Digital Overhaul


User-centric design and sophisticated tech elevates category leader Enterprise Rent-a-Car


  • The strategic partnership leverages a flexible and scalable technical backbone to drive customer service innovations between lines of business, across channels and around the world.

The results

22 domains in 25 languages, 10 integrated lines of business, multiple Top-10 mobile apps, and 26%+ revenue growth from new digital channels

The challenge

Create a digital experience worthy of Enterprise’s world-class service

To provide a total mobility solution to consumers, Enterprise needed a digital partner and complete digital overhaul.  While an effort of this magnitude typically takes years, we were given 15 months to strategize, create and execute a digital transformation.

The idea

Together we rebuilt from the ground up

Enterprise customers now enjoy seamless service – with the human touch – on any device. Around the world, we provided a truly internationalized experience, with localized languages, imagery, video, and travel content.

From scratch, we built a system on a technical platform that could handle millions of users and billions of dollars, all happening simultaneously around the world. The flexible and scalable stack leverages Adobe (AEM, Analytics, Test & Target), J2EE application, responsive React JS front-end, iOS, Android, and Amazon Web Services. Our solution incorporates the best available software solutions with custom development, from back-end data and services to front-end interface development.

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