We invent digital products that generate new revenue streams


We bring together creative origination, design, technology and strategic capability to invent novel devices, applications, services and platforms that evolve our clients’ business models into new territories and that create and exploit new commerce opportunities.
Isobar’s dedicated ‘NowLabs’ innovation teams provide our clients with an experimental, iterative process able to exploit Isobar’s rich and deep talent pool outside of a traditional agency briefing context.
The NowLabs process delivers ideas and outcomes unlikely to emerge from a marketing brief and with the power to deliver genuine business transformation – from the first real-time video linked car dealership with half a million monthly visitors, to the ability to control your TV set-top-box with a Tweet, to the opportunity to experience a virtual test drive across a New Zealand wilderness.

“We were on the brink of disruption. I kept saying we have to go far beyond what a typical map looks like… StrataLogica is selling better than Nystrom’s pull-down maps.” Don Rescigno, Nystrom’s VP of Marketing and Product

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