A viral campaign using Japanese face mapping technology, where over 150,000 people came to the website to create their own personalised TVCs.

The results

Over 150,000 people came to the site to make their very own TVC's. The average time spent on the site was around 7 minutes – with an average of 3 TVC’s viewed per person.

The challenge

Intel wanted to reach out to its consumers and develop a closer and more emotional response to the corporate brand.

The idea

Turning consumers into the real stars for Intel.

A highly sophisticated web application using Japanese face mapping technology, empowering anyone, anywhere to star in Intel’s TVC.

How it works:

1. Upload your picture or use the webcam on your computer to take a picture. You can tweak the photo and get a preview of how it will look like in the video.

2. Key in your name and what you want to bring to the world in the future

3. You are now the star of Intel’s Sponsors of Tomorrow TVC, and can share your stardom with friends via Facebook.