Maria Dmitrieva

Managing Director, Isobar Moscow

Maria Dmitrieva, Managing Director Isobar Moscow

Maria Dmitrieva started her career in internet marketing in Rambler Group media holding in 2003. For the period of 2006 to 2008 she had been working as Marketing Communications Manager in Russian representation of Microsoft, where she was responsible for and Windows Live services launch. From 2008 to 2012 Maria had been working in the field of application development for mobile platforms and social media. Later Maria was Executive Director of the company Game Insight and NARR8. At that time Game Insight entered the world TOP-10 of game developers and publishers for mobile platforms and social media. In 2012 Maria came back to mobile advertising as AdWatch Isobar Executive Director, where she focused not only on agency’s operations but also on mobile and content development. She was appointed Managing Director of AdWatch Isobar on the 1st of July 2014. In 2016 Maria became CEO of Isobar Moscow that is hub for Isobar brands in Russia.

Maria Dmitrieva’s been working in digital industry for more than 10 years. Maria has successful experience with the leading companies of the market, such as Rambler, Microsoft, Game Insight and NARR8 (specializes in mobile content). Under the guidance of Maria AdWatch Isobar became the multiple winner of prestigious Russian and international awards, entered the TOP-10 of AdPeak – ranking of Russian creative leaders and won Loyalty Awards Russia 2014 for the best loyalty program in FMCG sector with the case executed for Danone company.