Museum of Corruption

Museum of Corruption

A project sustained by Nicusor Dan and Uniunea Salvati Bucurestiul

Corruption is a sensitive subject in Romania and one of the most frequent acts of corruption is bribe. Researching through tens of cases, we realised that people took incredible bribes - from large amounts of money (predictable) to crazy objects (a bridge!) or insignificant ones (mineral water). We explored the bribe universe to see how low can they go: for how much or how not-so-much you can buy a decision maker in Romania.

The results


The challenge

The Challenge

Corruption makes it to the news and then, a few days after, everything is forgotten. Or forgiven. We initiated this corruption memorial so that people would not forget. 

The idea

The Idea

We created the Museum of Corruption illustrating 20 of the most incredible bribes taken in Romania. The Museum can be visited online on